SweatyNinjas was formed with the amalgamation of ‘Sweaty’ Swetha and ‘Ninja’ Dev. Two individuals with starkly different personalities, but with a common passion for fitness.
They met on Instagram, became workout buddies and eventually one of the most sought after fitness influencers in the country.

They have been training clients online for a while now and bring with them the vast experience of different training disciplines and nutrition. They believe in transforming lives and not just bodies, giving individuals the necessary guidance to incorporate healthy habits of training and eating and making them understand that fitness is a way of life!

Swetha having given up her job as a Vascular Radiologist and Devrath having stepped down from operations at his gym, are currently traveling the world. They are on a nomadic journey to explore different fitness methodologies and meet trainers who they’ve always looked up to in different parts of the globe. In the last few months, they have already been to Greece, Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines and are still on the move!