Devrath Vijay aka Ninja Dev

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (NSCA-CSCS)
Animal Flow Master Trainer
IFAA (International Fitness and Aerobics Academy) Master Trainer
Incrato Level 1 Trainer (Strength and Conditioning)
Accredited Rehab Trainer

Devrath is a computer science graduate who’s love for dancing, modeling and martial arts during his college and techie days drew him into the world of fitness. Having quit his job as a software engineer at IBM, he went on to become the Gym Manager at a Luxury Health Club following which he became a Strength and Conditioning coach at a CrossFit facility in Bangalore.

He then co-founded a functional training gym called ‘The Outfit’ in 2014 and currently has three branches across the city. He now dedicates most of his time in training clients online along with Swetha and in training the trainers who he believes are the backbone of the fitness industry.

“The human body is designed to move and the functional movement patterns that it is capable of doing are endless. When this is combined with an equally strong mind and spirit, I feel this is when you can achieve your true potential.”