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Holistic approach

Well-being, both inside and out. We curate programs to make you functionally fit, build healthy habits, and leave you with a happy gut.

Tailored for you

Training and nutrition plan to make it you-nique. With our certified and passionate trainers, you’ll have all the support and expertise you need.

Empowering education

Master your fitness journey with a focus on sustainability and longevity. We empower you with knowledge, not just make you sweat.

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About Us

Our story? Well, it’s all about a shared love for living healthier lives. We’re all about empowering our troop to become the best versions of themselves and feel amazing from the inside out. To us, being healthy isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling great, overcoming life’s hurdles, and living life to its full potential.


We didn’t want our journey and ability to help folks to be confined to one city. Our intention has always been to change the world, one transformation at a time.


That’s why we launched our online training platform. No matter where you are, you can train with us and become a part of the Sweaty Ninjas troop.


Sweaty Ninjas

We’re Swetha and Dev, the duo behind Sweaty Ninjas. The “Sweaty” comes from our passion for fitness, and the “Ninja” represents the transformation we believe you can achieve.

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Kettlebell Seminar by Sweaty Ninjas


Animal Flow Seminar


Kettlebell Seminar by Sweaty Ninjas


“ So good that I have now set new goals for the next batch with these two fitness freaks which
I will be a part of. Can’t wait for it to begin! ”

John Wick


I come from a family of eaters. We literally live to eat. So my entire non-student life (12 years now) I’ve been constantly gaining weight. The alarm bell came 2 years ago in the form of severe fatty liver in a routine health checkup …
Suhail Rahman
’d come to believe that my genetics, circumstances (and rotten luck), nothing wanted me to be healthy! A knee problem kept me from working out but my idea of diet “no fat, no sweets, low carbs” did nothing to bring the needle down …